Organic SEO Is Like Organic Gardening

Organic SEO is Like My Organic Garden

Like many people in the suburbs, I have a small garden in the back yard. I’ve been gardening for about seven years and have learned a lot about the care and upkeep of my garden and plants.

When I first started gardening, it was a spur of the moment decision. I was shopping at the local Home Depot and saw a bunch of seeds on an end cap.  I picked up a couple different varieties and headed home. Later on that weekend, I took a shovel and dug out a small area in the back yard, threw the seeds in the ground and watered them a little.

After a month, only half of my crop started to grow. With no knowledge in gardening, I didn’t expect too much and I didn’t get much either. So I decided I would try again the next year.

When the next spring season came around, I thought I got a little smarter by doing a tiny bit of research. All my planted seeds grew but they looked weak, so I decided I needed to use some fertilizer. At the time, I figured all fertilizer was the same. I picked up a popular brand that claims to increase the size of my veggies by 3x.

When I started using the fertilizer it worked great. The plants took off and grew like wild. Everything seemed to go great. But when I harvested, the veggies tasted funny. I figured the next season I would do some serious research.

I learned that the chemical based fertilizer I was using was toxic. Though it made my plants grow well, I had caused issues with my soil. I was trying so hard to grow the biggest and best veggies that I almost ruined my soil and could have spread the toxic fertilizers into the water stream. Using the chemical fertilizer was similar to Barry Bonds using steroids in Baseball. It got him the homeruns he wanted, but now his body is breaking down from running at such high artificial rate.

Over the years, I’ve learned to be good to my soil and garden. I use nothing but organic compost that I create myself and my veggies have never tasted any better.  I have created a sustainable environment for the lifetime of my garden.

What Does This Have To Do With Organic SEO?

When engaging in an SEO campaign, some SEO’s will use harmful SEO tactics to get quick gains and returns. SEO’s will use these techniques because they are either unaware of the consequences or are looking to make a quick buck. The poisonous nature of using unethical SEO tactics could burn out a website and cause search engines to penalize your site.

Organic SEO campaigns use natural and environmentally safe tactics to grow search engine listings. When using organic search methodologies, a website is setting the foundation for sustainable growth for years to come.

Organic SEO is a long-term business growth engine that improves with age if cared for properly. Many clients look for that quick miracle growth serum when looking at marketing campaigns. SEO does have many marketing practices in it, but the execution is different. While Paid Search, Display, and Email have good returns, they need to be continually attended to at high levels to run effectively.

Organic SEO builds on each step while not losing the nourishment from the previous steps. This is similar to how natural forests grow thicker and lusher year after year. Organic plant matter from the previous years growth helps to fertilize and nourish the forest. Organic SEO campaigns grow your natural search revenue year over year in a similar fashion.

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