OMG! I Have Returned

About a 2 years ago, I messed up. My domain was on auto renew, but it was on an older credit card. Long story short, I lost my domain name and some jerky spam company bought it and tried to sell it to me. After I didn’t buy it, they put it up for auction for $200. Since I am the only Jeff Louella in the world, I waited it out. Finally, it was free and is mine again. I know you have all been waiting patiently for my return. :)

Organic SEO Is Like Organic Gardening

Organic SEO is Like My Organic Garden

Like many people in the suburbs, I have a small garden in the back yard. I’ve been gardening for about seven years and have learned a lot about the care and upkeep of my garden and plants.

When I first started gardening, it was a spur of the moment decision. I was shopping at the local Home Depot and saw a bunch of seeds on an end cap.  I picked up a couple different varieties and headed home. Later on that weekend, I took a shovel and dug out a small area in the back yard, threw the seeds in the ground and watered them a little.

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How Technical SEO Procrastination Hurts Your Redesign Effort

Throughout my career, I’ve worked on web design, development, and marketing teams and have touched almost every aspect of a website relaunch. Today, as an SEO, I see the same common technical SEO mistakes made over and over again. This article explores these mistakes and discusses why it is so important to plan ahead and implement some elements in the beginning of the process and not wait to fix them in phase 2.

There are different levels of a site redesigns. These range from a minor cosmetic update to a complete replatforming. Every time a web developer opens up code there is an opportunity to optimize for the search engines. Unfortunately, most web developers simply do not have the time, budget, or the requirements for SEO. Continue reading